Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 64

Its very sad to know that the ministers of the Central Government are saying things which are against the dignity of the post they are holding. A R Antulay is the current example of this. Instead of getting united for the war against the terrorists he is now saying that there should be a probe in the killing of Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare. Antulay is saying that some one belonging to the Hindu radicals did tipped off Karkare to go to the Cama Hospital. The person who gave this information to Karkare has prevented him to go to the Taj or the Oberoi. Now this is really ridiculous. The whole media has showed that the terrorists flown to the Cama Hospital, after shooting blindly at the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal, just to hide themselves. Antulay is highly influenced by the footage been shown on the Pakistani Channels with false reports. We all know that the terrorists came from Pakistan. So this is just a stunt of Pakistan to divert the attention of the world from suspecting it to be the heaven of the terrorists. Someone holding a responsible post is saying some irrelevant and something baseless against a person who was on duty. He had gone there to arrest the terrorists so that they can't make much damage. But Antulay has decided to politisise this issue that's why is he connecting the killing of Hemant Karkare with an issue which not to be thought by anyone. Indeed, Hemant Karkare was probing the Malegaon Blasts. But Antulay is forgetting that in the protest rallies, which happened in the Mumbai, people from the all the religion came together to join hands with each other against the terrorists and to condemn Pakistan. So he should learn something from them. Instead of condeming Pakistan, Antulay is speaking the language of Pakistani government and ISI. Now he is dividing the people on the basis of religion again so that there would be no one to condemn the wrong acts of the politicians. When will these politicians stop doing that? How long they will do all these cheap things to retain their posts?

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