Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 55

For the last few days, I am writing again and again on the same topic. But not getting any response from anyside. It seems that people are showing their old habit of forgetting the things soon. And right now, people are engaging theselves in the politics. The recently concluded elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Delhi and Mizoram is the centre stage of the hot debate. Entire media and all the major parties are talking about the election results only. These elections have been termed as the semi final for the general elections next year. But what is the use of all these things. Now the time has come to change. Now next year, we are having the general elections. The term of the present government is coming to an end. And in the past five years we have seen many ups and downs in our country. First it was the protest against the reservation issue. But the past one year has been of many downs only. Except the economic slowdown, all the other things were due to the negligance of the government. Whether it was the bomb blasts or the attack on Mumbai. The intelligance agencies were given its report in advance itself but instead of taking action to prevent the blasts, the government was sitting ideally. And after the Mumbai case, the government is engaged in the blame game with Pakistan. We are aware of the fact that the Pakistan is always there to refuse every evidence given by India. The same thing is happening now also. There is nothing change in that. Now Pakistan is saying that the Hindu Fundamentalists were behind the Mumbai attack. The whole world is knowing now that the terrorists came from Karachi after getting proper training in Pakistan. Well, again I am deviating from the main issue. I think I have written 2-3 posts on this issue. Well the main issue is the election due in 2009. Now the main issue is that whom to elect this time? Because everytime we get promises but in reality the scene is different. So, now we have to think over it again and we must cast our vote to that person or the party who has done something for the progress of the state or the country. And this time, we don't have to get misguided. And we have to ask for the progress report every year. If the politicians want our vote then they have to show the good work to us. So now we have to make this our motto that "No constructive work, no vote." Now its time to change ourself. If we want something good for us then its we who have to change ourself. Now we can't sit in our home and say that the system is bad. Somewhere we are also at the fault. If we have been awakened then these politicians would not have cheated us. And we would not have a system as we are now. So before electing one we have to see their past record also. We can't elect a law breaker to be a law maker.

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