Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 59

न चाहो किसी को इतना कि उनकी चाहत तुम्हारी मज़बूरी बन जाये।
चाहो किसी को इतना कि तुम्हारी चाहत उनकी मज़बूरी बन जाये।

I read this 2 lines somewhere and then I just loved this. The emotions hidden under this 2 lines are truly romantic. Because it really hurts when you love someone and then you didn't get the company of that person. The pain which comes in your heart when you loose someone too close to your heart is just beyond my capacity of explanation. And this pain can be for any one. This is not a rule that this pain comes only when someone looses his or her lover. This rule is applicable for those who were dear to you. Like your close relatives, your friends, someone who has touched your life to a great extend. Why this separtion is there when you love someone like this? And if there is separation written in our destiny then why God make that person so much important and dear to us? It is said that all the emotions are related to the heart. Then why this heart is made so soft? Why the pain of seperation stays there for so long? Sometimes, it becomes the pain of the life time. It really makes someone very sad when he or she faces the truth that now he or she has to live with out that person. It's true that this happens in love most of the time. But this rule applies to all those persons who haven't fall in love but still knows the pain of seperation. Yesterday, I saw the clip of the song "Tadap tadap ke is dil se" from the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. The picturisation of the song also shows the emotion about which I am writting about. And after losing that person, our life seems to have blocked. Suddenly the life seems to stop at one position. There is nothing left in the life. Sometimes it happens that we feel that we also should go with that person or should stop that person from going. We try our best to stop that person from going or we just pray that we shouldn't get seperated from that person. We think that our life is useless without them. And the 2 lines which I wrote in the starting just says that you make yourself so strong that the person you love should not get seperated from you. If in any case you get seperated then that person should pray to be with you. I just wish that no body should get seperated from the person whom one love. But this will not happen. There is an old proverb in English that "Man proposes and God disposes." And I am not exception to this proverb.

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