Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 53

I was chatting with one of my friends after the terrorists attack on Mumbai. Suddenly he told that why these terrorists are not attacking the politicians of India? Why are they attacking the innocent people of India, who haven't done anything wrong? Why are the politicians still safe, after doing so many wrong things? The questions were very true and were somewhat having weight in them. But I just said that if the terrorists will attack the politicians then the terrorists will become hero in India. Its really sad to see that the leaders has lost all their crediablity. They think that they are not accountable to the people any more. That's why the situation in the country is like this. All the time, these politicians make promises during the general elections but later on all the promises are forgotten. And this is happening since the first general election in India. Okay that's not the main thing which I want to write today. Maybe after a couple of days I'll write on this issue. The main issue of today's writing is the attack of terrorists on politicians? They haven't done this just because of their masters in Pakistan believes in doing mass kiling. Sometimes I wonder that inspite of knowing all the facts, what is there which is there to stop us in attacking Pakistan? Just beacuse the leaders of our country are expert in making our own people keeping engaged in the name of caste, creed and religion. They are more eager to make their posts secure first before taking interest in the development of the country. But I think that now the time has come that the leaders should become accountable now. People should ask their questions over every thing now. The recent attack on Mumbai has shown that the sea route is also not save. Now, the Navy, Coast Guard, Coastal police are blaming each other for the lapse of security. Now why is this blame game taking place? Is the blame game more important than the security of the country? If it is then its better to stop all these blame game and do some work constructive. So, that these type of incidences will not take place. So now we have to start asking these politicians about their works as ministers and MPs and as legislators. Why still many villages in our country aren't having electricity after 61 years of Independance? Why are we still called developing nation? The main reason is the attitude of the politicians and many drawbacks in the beuracracy. We always blame that the system is not good but now we have to change this system. And for that we have to wake up and then we have to develope the habit of asking. Otherwise the politicians will always take advantage of our weakness and silence. And then in that case there will be more and more attacks on our country. These leaders have no manner to talk properly also. The recent comment of the Kerala CM after he was not allowed by the father of Sandeep Unnikrishnan is really sad and is a act to condemn only. The CM has said that it was the house of a matyr soldier that he has gone there otherwise a dog will also not go there. This is the condition of our politicians. What the hell these politicians think of themselves? Are they above all? If this is the attitude then its better that India should not have any politician at all. Holding a responsible post and then making these statements is only an insult to the people. So we have to think now that whether we want more insult of ourselves or we want to refuse all the things which our leaders are saying. Because its not the question of attack on Mumbai or the serial blasts in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Assam, but its the matter of whole country. These happened in these cities. Who knows that tomorrow it might happen to our cities now? So its time to wake up before its too late. And its time to ask the questions from these leaders who claim that they are our well wishers.

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