Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 69

In just 2 days, this year will end and a new year will come. 365 new days. But this year passed very fastly. Every passing year leaves its memory in the mind of everyone. For some people, the passed year was a very good one. For some it was a very bad one. Few people are there who thinks that there is nothing new to it. For them, its just a change of date in the calender. Different thoughts of mind for the same thing. But the passing year, ie 2008, has become a turning point in my life. I lost few things which were dear to me and I gained few. So, this year was a mixed one for me. But the pain of losing the old relations is more than the happiness of gaining the new ones. And in the last 6 months, there have many sad things happening in India also. Sometimes, it really hurts to see so many sad things happening around you. But there is a another chance to stand up after the sad things. Life doesn't stop at that moment. Yes, the pain remains there forever but we have to get going. The recent attack on the Hotel Taj and Trident Tower and their re opening is the perfect example of this. That should be the spirit. Never say that you are defeated. You can be defetead for one time, two times, but not always. You are here to win. And there are many evils around us. We have to win the battle against them. The evils around us are Social evils, poverty, child labour, human trafficking, terrorism, corruption, deadly diseases like cancer, TB, aids and many more. So start fighting from today itself. We can make it our new year resolution. And we have to be get united against all these things. Now its time to have some change in the world in which we are living. We have to make a beautiful world without hatred, war and the social evils. We have to make the world full of love, peace and happiness.

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