Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day 66

Merry Christmas to all the readers of my blog. We all are celebrating this day as the birthday of Jesus Christ. But in the modern time, the situation is detoriating day by day. Now a days, the political and the military tension between India and Pakistan is increasing daily. The whole world knows that Pakistan is the home of terrorism. And it has been proved by India that the terrorists who attacked Mumbai on 26 Novemeber, 2008, did came from Pakistan itself. Kasab is saying that he is a Pakistani but the Pakistan government is denying that. Pakistani government is not going to accept that because then it will be a slap on its own face. Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari has told in the beginning itself that no Pakistani national was involved in the attack on Mumbai. But the confession of Kasab, was a tight slap of that. Now to save its reputation, the Pakistani government is denying everything which India is showing as the proof. Pakistan is saying that all the proves which India has shown is just a garbage. Nothing more than that. But the troops are on the high alert on the both side of the border. And there is tension amongst both the countries. And it seems that every time, Pakistan wins the diplomatic war against India. Always it plays a card of innocence. But now the whole world is aware that Pakistan is no more a innocent country. All the terrorists groups who are working against India are based in Pakistan only. Al Qaeda and Taliban are also present in Pakistan. All the terrorists organisations knows that there save heaven is Pakistan only. So, inspite of driving away those organisations out of its soil, why Pakisntani government is giving them a safety? What are the plans which Pakistan is having? Does it want to have control over the entire world with the help of terrorism? And after knowing all the facts, why isn't UN taking any strong action against Pakistan? Is it waiting for something big to happen against humanity? Even the America is admitting that Pakistan have become the hub for the terrorism, then what is the problem in imposing the ban on Pakistan? All the ties with Pakistan of the entire world should be broken. Pakistan should be left alone until the terrorist organisations in Pakistan is destroyed.

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