Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 62

Sometimes it becomes very tough for me to write anything. And for the last few days, I am writing again and again on the same topic. So, today I decided to give that topic a break. Everyday writing on the same topic makes it boring to read it. So, there should be some change in writing also. But I am confused again to what to write today. What topic should be best to write upon? And I am not getting any topic. Actually honestly speaking there are many things to write upon but the main thing is that how much impact my writing is creating on the readers. I don't know that what the impact you are getting by my writing. I am not getting any response from the reader's side. So sometimes it becomes very tough for me to write anything. And I don't know that what do you think about my style of writing. You might be thinking that I have become crazy today. But the fact is that today I am very sad. And when I am sad then I am not in good mood to write. I can't do that. When you are crying then you can't smile at the same time. The same thing is with me. I am not happy today. But I am writing because I want to get out of the sad feelings which I am having right now. That's why I am not writing anything according to my thoughts. Whatever is coming in my mind, I am just writing that. Don't know whether this habit is good or bad but today I think this habit is going to work. And I know that you can bear me for one day if I write like this. And if you don't like my writing like this then you can immediately post a comment after this post. I would be happy if I get some feed back. There are few things going on in my mind that's why I am unable to write today. Not particularly in my style of writing. So I can get excuse for one day. Hope so by the end of this day, I'll get rid of my sad mood. I have to. I don't think that you want me to write tomorrow also in the same fashion. Sometimes, intraction between you and me is necessary. And I am really waiting for your comments when you can comment on my writing or the topic on which I am writing. Anything you want to say. I am interested to know that. Even its negative things. I would be much happy if I get a comment from your side that you didn't liked some particular topic or my thoughts or my way of writing. Anything, which you want me to improve. Just write a comment. Now I am waiting for you to write so that I can read. Don't you think that sometimes, writer should become a reader?

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