Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 52

Sometimes it really hurts to see a lot of suffering and pains around us. I am not taling about the recent terrorist attack on Mumbai but the attacks on the every major city in India. There are so many terrorists groups active in India, but the security forces are not able to trace them and catch them. It always happens that the police gets active for the couple of days or maximum for the couple of months only and after that it's the same old story. But why is this happening again and again in our country? The answer is known to all. Its all due to Pakistan. But the central government is busy in diplomatic war with Pakistan. And Pakistan is sending the terrorists in our country through various channels. And to stop all these inflitration, we need to have a strong vigilence at the border. But the security forces at the border are having shortage of staff because a portion of all the security forces like BSF, ITPF, SSB, CRPF and CISF is engaged in providing security to the political leaders. All the Z+ and Z security guards are composed of the soldiers from these security forces. And we can't effort to forget the anger which we are having now. The anger and the protest which was shown in Mumbai should continue. That's the only way to pressurise the politicians and the government. Otherwise these politicians will take it for granted that the people forget everything with the passage of time. But that's not happening this time. There should be continous protest marches all over the country. And these protests should be to have the pressure on the government to take some action against the Pakistan. We have seen a long process of diplomatic wars between India and Pakistan. Now its time to have some military action. Pakistan is using the POK against us. Basically its the portion of Kashmir which was there in India. But Pakistan has captured that portion illegally. Its total illegal but the Indian government is too shy to take any military action to take back the land which comes under the Indian territory. When America can attack Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of War on Terrorism and to uproot a dictator who posses WMDs, then why can't India do the similar thing for its land? Its not wrong to have our own land back. If we have to take that by military action only then let it be like that. Its enough that we are having the diplomatic war on this issue. We are having this since 1947. I just want to ask that how long will this diplomatic war is going to continue? Because Pakistan has converted POK into a training camp and the terrorists coming out of those terrorists camps are sent to India for the mass killing and the terrorists attacks. Why can't India send small troops to POK to destroy these terrorists training camps? All of us know that Pakistan's sole aim is to destroy India at any cost. And its clear to the whole world that Pakistan is responsible for all the terror activities in India. So, its time to take action and the action is to attack Pakistan. Until and unless, we don't attack on Pakistan, there will not be any permanent end to all these things. Its better to die once while fighting than to die daily buy sitting ideally like a coward. Its time to show that Indians are no coward.

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