Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 58

Few days back, I was reading an article in a newspaper. The article was related to the terrorist strike on Mumbai. It dealt with the state of the country and the manner in which the politicians are running this country. I liked the idea of the writer very much that the national priorities are at the bottom of the politician's hierarchy. And the media is responsible for this. Just for have a glimpse of their "breaking news' they are literally going beyond the limits. During the Mumbai attacks they were covering all the actions of the commandos. And the terrorists were watching all these footages on every news channels. This was creating problem for the commandos as the terrorists were changing their strategy. And the police was also not able to control the media persons. Instead of keeping all the media persons out of the line of action the police was briefing all the strategies and plan of actions to the media persons. And all these things were broadcasted live. And in turn, all these covarage were helping the terrorists only and were creating much problem to the commondos. So, there should be a limit betond which the media persons should not go. The media, electronic and print, should know this facts. They all are matured persons out there. They should be aware of the fact that what should be showed and what should not be showed to all. But the publicity hungry media is loosing its creadibilty and responsibilities now. They should be aware that in the situations like the terrorist attacks on our country, these telecasts helps the terrorists only. And there is failure from the part of the government also. The central and the state government reacted after long time. The commandos were sent after 10 hours to the Mumbai. They were flown to Mumbai from Delhi. Why was there no base of the commandos in Mumbai? And sacking the union home minister is not the only solution. There should be collective responsibilty of the whole central government. And its also not sufficient to sack the chief minister and the deputy chief minister. It was necessary to recommend the President's Rule in the Maharashtra. But there was nothing happened like this. And its time to have something concrete. Until when all these things will continue? The government in Maharashtra was silent when Raj Thackeray was targetting the North Indians. It didn't reacted at that time. What is the use of such government when it can safeguard the people living in its state? And the Maharashtra police was just a mute spectators when the members of MNS where canning the innocent students went there for the recruitement examination of the Railway. Why didn't the central government reacted at that time? So now its the time to change the system. And the feeling of being united should never fade.

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