Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 63

Sometimes it takes time to come out from the depression or the sad mood. Actually I am not depressed but in a sad mood. Losing someone close to your heart is not a plesant thing in your life. But the life should go on. That's the same thing happening to me. I know that this sad mood is going to continue for anothe couple of days. But I am writting again just to get myself engagaed. Now writting on the blog is not only my duty or a habit but it has become my necessity also. If I don't write it for one day, I find something missing. When I am extremely busy in some other work then only I am unable to write. But sometimes it really hurts when I don't get any feedback. Actually, I think I have developed a relationship with all those who are reading my posts. I know that few people are there who are regularly reading my blog. Some people are reading it once in two days. I think that I am writting for them only. And this is the relationship between me and them. But sometimes, I expect them to write to me. Well, it can be said that I am hungry of the comments. I really need comments to improve my writting. I can't write without knowing that how you feel about it. If there is any change you want then I would like to change according to that.

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