Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 51

The post terrorist attack in Mumbai is showing many forms. Vilasrao Deshmukh has lost the post of Chief Minister in Maharashtra. Sonia Gandhi has accepted his resignation. But its hard to ignore the fact that there are many politicians in the current central government who are having criminal cases against them. And I really wounder now that ater having attack in Mumbai, Vilasrao was forced to resign. But why Lalu Yadav is having his post save and secure? Lalu Yadav strongly recommended that the ban on the SIMI should be uplifted by the central government. And we all know that the SIMI is the organisation responsible for the blast in Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi. And we all haven't forgotten that how many people have died in those blasts. So why isn't Lalu been sacked from his post? Why is he still in the central cabinet? What was the necessity of lifting the ban on a organisation which was banned due to the involvement in the terrorists activity? Was this move just politically motivated? Just because the previous government of BJP has imposed ban on SIMI so uplifting the ban will be the response of that? So, it is wise to take revenge from the opposition party at the cost of terrorists attacks on the country? I don't think so. I don't think that political revenge at the cost of the security of the country is a healthy practise. I am not taking the side of BJP government. I am talking in the general sense. Because this is related to the security of the country. Innocent people are dying in these terrorists attacks. But for these politicians nothing is more important than their political career and the post which they are holding. Now this is really disqusting to see the present situation of the country. When the Vilasrao Deshmukh can be shown the door to go out then why can't it be with Lalu Yadav? Why is these double standard being taken by the Congress party? And why the people of India are chosing the leaders with criminal cases pending against them? Now its time to change the entire system. And this change can be brought when the people are awakened. We have seen enough blasts and attacks on our country. Now its time to show that this activities will not be tolerated any more.

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