Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 57

Today in the morning, I read an news article related to the Mumbai attack. Its sad that the Navy and the Coast Guards are still playing the blame game for the ignorance of the duty due to which the terrorists reach the Mumbai without any resistance. And now there has been an consignment been exported to India. The consignment is at the docks of South Mumbai. The reason for the worry is that it belongs to Mohammed Ali. Mohammed Ali is the main lieutenat of Dawood Ibrahim in Mumbai. And he is the don of docks also. The Custom department and the Mumbai police is silent just because two heavy weight leaders of South Mumbai are having tie up with Mohammed Ali. Now this proves that the politicians of this country are not bothered about the country. If they were concerened and worried then they would not have the link with the terrorists like this. Accroding to me, politicians like this should be shooted in public view. Due to these type of politicians, anti country elements are going against the law. All the criminals are ruling the country now. So, it should be better to have shoot at sight orders for these types of leaders. So many innocent people are dying due to the terrorists attacks and still these leaders are saving these hard core terrorists from the police. Why? Just to have some money. So its time for the public to show the leader like this the consequences of these acts. And the only answer is to shoot them. That's all. Nothing to think else. Just shoot them.

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