Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 65

At last, I back aain to place where I want to be and doing the work which I want to do. Well, for the last two days I wasn't able to write anything. Or rather say that I wasn't able to concentrate on any work. There was a pain in my heart. But last night, I heard a song on the radio. Its a nice song from Dasvidania. "Alvida" is the track about which I am writing now. Its sung by Kailash Kher. A nice song written and beautifully sung by him. Actually, I was feeling very low due to some reason. Some memories were constantly flashing in front of my eyes. And literally, I wasn't concentrationg on any work. You can say that it was a complete stage of depression. But when I heard this song then I don't how and why I felt good. I got the spirit of fight back. This song has become my favorite song now. Now it seems that there is happy side of life also. We can get the happiness if we will fight. What if there are many pain and sorrow in our life. We have to face them strongly. We often think in our sad times that there is nothing left in the life. But we forget that we have to live all these sad moments. All of us turns toward God in our sad times but we forget to say thanks to the God when we are happy. You can say that even I was going through the same condition then how can I give a philosophical lecture about happiness and sadness? But from my personal experience I can say this. We are feeling very much high when we are happy and very low when we are sad. But why we use to forget that happiness and sadness is the part of our life. They are not our life. And we have to pass this part. So to remove your pain, sorrow and sad mood, you have to fight with your depression. I did the same. That's why I am telling you to fight. Never let the sadness to touch you. If the sadness is near you then don't let your smile leave your face. A smile on your face will reduce the pressure of sadness in your life. You might be thinking that I have gone crazy. But I am not. Yesterday I heard this song on radio and today I saw it on net. The picturisation of the song is good. The thing which I learnt from this song is that we can't abandon to live in any case. We can have happiness in all the odd situations also. And the smile about which I am talking about is not the fake one. Just try to remember the funny moments of your life. Any incidence which had happened in your life. The incidence which you can remember made you very happy. Try to remeber that moment or that incidence. Then you will have a geniune smile and that will be from your heart. And then for some time you will find that you don't have any tension or worry. You will definately forget the present sadness for a moment or so. And that's your victory over your sadness. This is the thing which I have done and now I am feeling nice. I am having the attitude now that the life is not over. I have to do many things. So just try this for once. You will definately feel happy. And don't forget that even a small victory makes you feel more happy and energetic. So fight with sadness and worries. Fight with it until its completely driven away from your life. And if it comes again in your life, then also don't forget to fight with it. And that's the real pleasure of living. Living for the happiness.

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