Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 68

Today morning, I read the newspaper. On the front page itself, I read the news about the statement of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari. He has taken a turn from his previous statements. He has told that the terrorists organisations are present in Pakistan and Pakistan is also affected from the cancer of terrorism. But I don't know that how long this stand is going to stay? Because Pakistan has a history of always going back from its words. And one interesting news caught my attention. Pakistan was deploying its army on the Indo-Pak border. Previously 14 Punjab Unit of Pakistani army was deployed on Pakistani side adjacent to the Kashmir. But 20 officers and soldiers of this unit have ran away. Pakistani Army has declared them absconding. Now the 42 Punjab Unit has replaced the 14 Punjab Unit at the border. This is the case of the Pakistani Army. Even the Pakistani soldiers are not willing to fight. And the main thing is that Pakistan is always been ruled by the Pakistani Army only. Once I have read somewhere that the role of the Pakistani Army in Pakistan is very much. They are controlling everything in Pakistan. It is also been said that every country has an army but in Pakistan the army is having a country. So, this is the control of army is Pakistan. And its very irony to see that how brave soldiers and officers are there in the Pakistani Army. Well, that's not the thing to discuss now. The main thing is the intention of Pakistan now. There are many questions arising in my mind now. Is Pakistan going to stand on its current position? Will it take any action against the terrorists organisations in real term? Is it going to hand over the the wanted terrorists to India? How long Pakistan is going to fight against the terrorism? And honsetly speaking, only one answer is coming in my mind. And the answer is NO. A big NO for every question which I have put up now. Because if it will do all the things which is there in my question then it has to abandon the ISI. Because the ISI was created to indulge itself for the destruction of India. And if Pakistan destroyes each and every terrorists base camp on its soil then it will not be getting funds from them. The funds which Pakistan is getting for the protection and for the help it is giving the terrorists to get infiltered in India. And Pakistan is using those funds to buy weapons for the Army. Now its time to see that what Pakistan is going to do now. Will it leave the terrorists organisations or will it be called bad nation by the whole world? Now Pakistan has to decide this. The whole world is watching Pakistan now. Even many Pakistanis are blaming the present Pakistani government. Fatima Bhutto, niece of slain leader Benazir Bhutto, is also saying that she is not satisfied with the current political and judicial system in Pakistan. Pakistani government is not ready to accept that Azmal is Pakistani citizen. But Azmal has openly accepted that he is a Pakistani national and he has come from Pakistan only. He is demanding that a Paksitani lawyer should defend him in Indian court. In these conditon its very hard to say that what Pakistan will do now. The whole world is waiting for the next step of Pakistan. Will it become a good nation or again it will take deviation from its current stand?

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