Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 54

Sometimes it really hurt to see that instead of seeing so many people dying in the terrorists attacks the Indian government is not taking any action against Pakistan. I am not talking about the diplomatic action or political action. I am talking about military action. And how long we have to wait? Do we have to see more and more attacks on our country and many more dead bodies? Sometimes I think that the Indian government is just doing the politics on the dead people. They are just figures for them of how many casaulities happened in the terrorists attacks. This is really ridiculous. When the entire world knows that its only Pakistan, who is giving shelter, protection, money and training to all the terrorists groups then why its still there on the map of world. Now a days, Pakistan is the only place for the terrorists to live safely. In other words it can be said that Pakistan is a safe heaven for the terrorists. And all of us know that behind every terrorist attack in India, ISI is responsible. But when the time comes for taking strict actions then the condition of the Indian government is totally different from the needed condition at that time. When America can attack Afghanistan and can destroy Taliban then why can't India do that? India can also attack Pakistan and can destroy all the terrorists training camps. And the Pakistani government is taking advantage of this nature of Indian government. They are aware of the fact that they can send as many terrorists as they wish and the Indian government can't do anything except making allegations. I don't exactly that what is the thing which always makes Indian government so weak that it can't attack Pakistan? Indian army is the third largest army in the world, much bigger than the Pakistani army. And Indian army is very tough. Same is there with the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. But what is the difficulty then? Why can't we attack Pakistan? Its enough now that we had diplomatic war with Pakistan. And these diplomatic war is not leading us to any constructive work also. So instead of having diplomatic war why can't we have military war with Pakistan? As I have said earlier also that its better to die one day while fighting than to die daily while sitting like a coward.

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