Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 50

This is my 50th post. I have reached a mile stone but I am not happy. There are many things happing in our country. Yesterday, I wasn't able to wrte anything just because of the battle of words between the politicians. There are few bad comments coming from the politicians who are holding important public posts. Yes, I am talking about the CM of Kerala. What he has said about Unnikrishnan, father of matyr NSG Commando Sandeep Unnikrishnan is really bad. This is the way that the politicians are treating the people. He went there to pay his condolesense under the pressure from the opposition partied of Kerala. So, it was not due to a own will. And they he was treated well by Unnikrishnana. And now there are few more shocking facts which I have come across. Today morning, I read an news article in the newspaper and after that I really hate the politicians. Perhaps, even more than I use to do before. Its really hard to believe that 1,700 out of 7,000 NSG force is been used by the politicians for their security purpose only. If we talk in per centage then its going to be about 24.28% of the total strength of the NSG. So, it can be said that about a quarter of the total stregth of the NSG is been used for some other purpose. And instead of thinking about the people, these politicians are more worried about themselves. That's why none of the political party is raising any question about the misuse of the NSG like this. All the major leader of the major political parties are doing the same thing. I don't understand that when the people of India will wake up and will ask for their demands? And this is not for only the man power but in terms of money also. Rs 250 crore is been spend annually on the protection of these leaders. Whose money is these? Not the leaders. Its the money of the comman man which he is paying in the form of taxes. The annual budget of the Z and Z+ security for the politicians was Rs 117 crore in 2007-08 but in 2008-09 it went up to Rs 180 crores. But the NSG, which is meant for the fighting against terrorism, is very unlucky in this sense. In 2007-08 the annual budget for NSG was just Rs 159 crore and in 2008-09 it became Rs 158 crore. Now just see the difference. Both the figures are for the same time being. But when it came for the security of the politicians then the amount was increased. And when it came for the security of the nation then the budget was decreased. Why its always with the public only? Why can't be it done with the politicians? There are many politicians who don't have much threat to their lives but still they are having the X category security. Until and unless the people of India are not awakened till then the politicians will be having this advantage and they will have this unwanted advantage also? And till then there will be more incidences like what happened in Mumbai in Taj, Oberoi and Nariman house. At that time, we will be requiring more NSG commandos. But unfortunately, at that time, one fourth commandos will be engaged in providing security to the politicians.

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