Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 61

Today morning, I read the news in the newspaper that there are 1000 commandos protecting Punjab CM and his family member. Now this is really ridiculous! Not even the Prime Minister is having these much of force for his protection. Is this much of force is required to the protection of the CM of a state? There was terrorism in Punjab about two decades. And if we go for the government records then there has been no threats to the politicians of Punjab since 1995. And there was no threat to the CM also. Same thing is there for the bureucrats in Punjab. They are also having the commandos protection for them. What the hell is this? No bureucrats in Punjab is getting any threat since 1993. I just wonder that when there is no terrorists attacks or threats in Punjab for the last 13 to 15 years, then what this protection if for? Isn't this the wastage of people's money and misuse of the elite commandos? This should be condemnd by all. According to the article which I read then figure was just mind blowing. There are around 900 politicians and another 350 bureucrats. And for this 1,250 people there are more than 7,200 gunmen. Now from these security guards are coming. All are from the commando force and the Punjab Police. So instead of providing security to the common man the politicians are getting support and that too without any threat for their lives. Now, this should be stopped now. Not only this is the misuse of the Public money but also the wrong use of the force. The money and the force which is been used in these useless things, can be used for the benefit of the country. The whole country which is having bad effect of the global economic slowdown then the huge amount of money is been wasted in the security of these politicians. If we forget the economic slowdown then also in India there are around 10 crore people who are getting the meal of ony time in the whole day. These money should be diverted in the arrangement of the food of those people. When we are having so many problems in our country then is it good to see the wastage of money like this? And the number of guards these politicians use for their security is weaking the state police force. When there is more need of the force in the police for the protection of the public, then at that time the police has to follow the orders coming from the state government for the security of the leaders. So this is the real face of the Indian politician. These politicians call themselves as the well wisher of the public. But in reality the scene is totally different. And this is the height of tolerance of the Indian public that after knowing all these facts, its still want to see the same leaders elected in the Lok Sabha and the state legislative assemblies to make fool of the public once more. I am just praying the Indian public just wake up from their sleep very soon.

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