Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 67

Yesterday or day before yesterday, I read a news article in the newspaper. It was about the pitty condition of the people. It was written that for every 600 people in Delhi there is only one cop for the protection. And for one VIP and VVIP, there is about 30 cops are there. And the union government has sent back only 100 policemen back to their respective police stations. Still there are about 14,200 policemen being deputed for the security of the politicians. It's just an eyewash. If we calculate in percentage then it's only0.7% of the toltal strength of the force deployed for the security to the politicians. It can be compared from the figures itself that 1 policeman is there to protect 600 common man, but when it comes for the security of 1 politician then there are around 30 cops to protect him. Now this is really ridiculous that more and more security is given to the politicians. There are many politicians who are enjoying this security circle around them, but they don't have any threat to them or their family members. And now a days, it has become a fashion for every politician to have security guards with them. They think that more the number of security forces around them means more and more reputation is there for them. They are misusing the public money for their personal things. And for their security the gunmen are selected from the commandos from the armed forces, BSF, CISF and the state police. This hampers the strength of the security forces also. The money and the man power basically meant for the security and development of the nation is been utilised in some another worthless work. Now it's time to wake up and to think about our rights and our security. We have to think whether we want more attacks like what happened in Mumbai last month or do we need a peaceful society? We have to raise our voice against the misuse of the funds and the manpower, which is widely misuseed as for the protection of the politicians? Come and join hands with each other against this malpractise of the politicians who are taking undue advantage of our silence and tolerence. This is important to have a safe and secure India.

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