Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 39

Today I was watching 'Taare Zameen Par' on my computer. I would say that it's really heart touching movie. And a very realistic movie also. In this movie its nicely been depicted that how parents impose their will on their children. And what happens when the child is not able to come up to their expectations. But I would like to say that it's all the fault of parents only. Its not like I am influenced by the movie and I am saying this. The view which I am going to say was there even before this movie was released. And I have found that my view is partially shown in this movie. In this modern age, parents don't have much time for their children. Both the parents are working and they are much interested in making money than giving time for their children. Of course they will say that they are doing all these things for the safe future of their children only but this is not the safety of the future. How can you imagine a safe future when the present is not good? If you don't have time to make the present secure then how can you make the future secure? The time when the child needs his or her parents, they are busy in meetings and all the other things. They have money for their children but don't have time for them. And this is the reason when a child began to lack. But instead of understanding where the child is lagging and what's the real problem, parents engage private tutors for the children or send the child to a boarding school. And then the child began to develop a mantality that he is not good in studies and he thinks that he is not like all the normal kids of his age. This develops a negative feeling only and this is not good for a proper upbringing. So in my view, a child should have some emotional support along with money and love. Parents should see that what is the problem their kid is facing? It's not sure or neccessaary that a parent has put their child to a very reputed school and their duty is over. The teachers will take good care in the school. But this don't happens everytime and with everyone. Its not like that its the sole duty of teachers in the school to create a intelligent kid. It has to be equal effort of teachers and parents. A child is very much emotionally attached to his or her parents rather than a teacher. So, for the proper upbringing of a child, the parents should pay some more attention. After all, its the question of their children.

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