Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 34

Its nice to write again after a long time. My last posting was on October 28. And its nice to do work which you like most. Just like writing post on the blog is one of my favorite work. Hope so that this work coninues without break now. Now a days, in every newspaper I am reading about the newly elected President of United States of America. Everywhere only Barack Obama is there. His new policies is going to affect the whole world as the slowdown in the US economy has effected the economy of the whole world. Really now it seems that America is driving the whole world at its pleasure. All the people across the globe are talking about the relationship of Barack Obama and his policies. But one thing I have observed in his speech after he got elected. I was watching a news channel and was really impressed by the manner in which he spoked. He has proved that the world is changing and its time to have a new era of everything. He has proved that a black man can be the president of a country where the black people were nothing more than slaves and they were not even treated as human beings. And while giving speech, he really stressed on the word 'United' whenever he spoked United States of America. His election to the post of the president is the sign that if the country is really united then they can make the impossible thing possible. No one in the entire world would have dreamt that a black person will be the president of America. But there are few people who thing just reverse of Barack Obama. In India, there is a man who is giving stress on the word 'Divided'. Yes, the name of that person is Raj Thackeray, president of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena. Both are the presidents but there work is totally different. One is showing that a man facing difficulties through out his life has achieved the top most position and another one is showing that how a person can divide the country on the basis of language. Raj Thackeray is a mad person. There is not much difference between Raj Thackeray and a terrorist. A terrorist is doing all the killing by hiding and Raj Thackeray is doing all these openly and the saddest thing is that the government is not doing anything to stop him. He creating all the stir as if there is no one to stop him. He is more dangerous than a terrorist and the terrorist should be killed in police encounter. At least the country will not be divided on the basis of language, culture, caste and creed. Its time for the state government to act now. State government of Maharashtra should arrest Raj Thackeray and confine him in a solitary cell or should be killed in an encounter like a criminal. He should be stopped from spreading hatred amongst Indians. This will be an example before all those who think that they are above the law and are thinking to create imbalance in the peace of this country, that no one is above the law and what should be their result if they want to divide the country for the selfish political objectives.

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