Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 42

Yesterday, I read a news article in the newspaper about a gay couple from Israel. They have got a baby from surrogancy. A female from India has become surrogatted mother of their child. I think this is going against the law of the nature. A male and a female are required to start a new process of giving birth to a child and their role is very important in the upbringing of a child. Now the child which they have adopted will have negative impact. The child will see the world around him. When he will go to school then he will see that the children of his class are having a mother and a father. But he is having two males in is house. In my view that is going to have negative impact on his mind. He will always see gay sex in his house and will go in that direction only. In my view, this is not the right thing. It has to be always a male and a female living together and then giving birth to the child. I think that Gay or Lesbian things are totally against the law of nature and these things should be banned totally across the globe. Going against the law of nature is totally wrong. And one day this is going to destroy the whole world.

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