Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 43

It is fixed rule that third Sunday of November of every year, CAT exams will be conducted. And every year, the number of applications is increasing. All of the applicants wants to have their MBA from IIMs. From the last decade, the trend of going into the management side has increased manifold. Now it has become a new trend that after graduation of you are not having a MBA degree then the chances of having a decent job is almost nil. To be in the modern trend you have to be a MBA graduate now. If you are not a MBA graduate then you have not achieved something special in your life. And in the current scenario, the general talk is the number of applicants giving the CAT exam. By the current scenario, I mean the downfall in the global market, many people are thinking that the current downfall is going to affect the present CAT exam. They will have difficulty in the recruitement. But those people are talking about the present situation in which there are many scrutiny in the jobs. The companies are firing more than they are hiring. And this is not only with the Indain companies. This is happening all over the world. But they are forgetting that by the time, the successful candidates being selected this year to do MBA from the prestigious IIMs, the economic scenario of the world economy will be different from what it is today. And I am hopeful that it will be much better position than it is today. This downfall is not going to stay for a long time. But this is not the thing which I want to discuss. This is mearly a diversion of the main topic. Now the scene is like if you are having MBA degree under your belt, then the big corporate house are going to hire you. And I was thinking that why the people are becoming crazy about doing MBA? Is it just because of the high perks which the corporate houses are giving? Or is it a trend following that the boy or the girl next door has done MBA then I should also do that? What are the other aspects of joining the management side or studying MBA? And honestly speaking, I am not getting any answer to any of the above questions and particularly of the last one. If you have the answer then please let me know the answer of that.

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