Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 36

Today is the last day when Saurav Ganguly will be seen on the field playing for India. And this will bring an end to an era. Saurav was a man who was always there to play for the India. His one positive thing which I liked most was the Never-to-say-die spirit. Whatever the situation was there Saurav was there to fight. And under his capataincy, India defeated Australia in the Test series in 2000. And after Kapil Dev, Saurav lead the Indian cricket team to the finals of the World Cup. But unfortunately, we lost that final. He has seen many ups and downs in his cricket career. When Greg Chappel was the coach then it was really a bad time for Saurav. He lost his captaincy during that period as well as the place from the Indian cricket team. After sometime of that Saurav proved that he has the world class cricket left in him and again he came back with much more passion and energy. And how one forget Saurav's reaction in the Natwest series in 2002 at the Lord? He was waiving his shirt after having victory at the Lord's balcony. And in 2001, he made Steve Waugh wait for him to come for the toss. There are many things related to him but now all the things are a thing of past. We will never see him again on the field playing for India. Called as the 'Maharaja' by all his fans and team mates, he really ruled the cricket time while playing.

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