Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 46

Yesterday I wrote about the brain drain from India. And this is the fact that the people who are working in the western countries are not ready to accept that they are not happy there. Actually their minds are set that they are getting more money there. But they are thinking that just because they are getting more money when they are converting that amount in the Indian currency. Indeed then they will get more value of their earned money in India because of the different exchange ratios. But they are forgetting this also that the companies in which they are working are using them as a cheap labours. Nothing more than that. And the Indians are also not going to quit just because of the more value of the currency they are earning. But I still say that the amount of work they are doing there can be done in India also. And there are many scientists are working in the developed country to make them more developed but those scientists are not bothered about the development of India. Same thing is there for the every sector. Sometimes I think that its just like you are paying the electricity bill of the bulb which you have buy for yourself but the bulb is giving its light to someone's house. This is not fair. In the same way, it's not fair that India is cultivating engineenears, doctors, scientists but all of them are using their talent and their brain to make developed nations more developed and leaving India empty handed. Still I would like to say that much work is there in India. Money is not so much important thing. It is a motivational force to do any work. But still beside that you need to have a environment where you can feel you are safe and stable. And that's not possible in any foreign country. One day your work permit will expire in that country and then you will be thrown out of that country. You have to come back to India. In the end of the day, it will be your own people who will be with you in your bad time. Actually, this is the thing which is happening all over the world. So, its better to come back to India with pride instead of being kicked out from any foreing country.

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