Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 35

I am confused about the writing again. Very often, its happening that I am getting no ideas to write anything on the blog. But anyhow I have to write again. Now I don't want this emptyness to become the reason for not writing. Because once the rhythm and the continuity is broken then its very tough to write again. Actually this is the main reason today with me that I am not getting any idea to write today. Today I was watching a clip on YouTube. It was an interview of Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman of Bharti Group. This man has gone up from the roots with no short cut. He started his business carrer by making bicycle cranshaft. And now we all know who is he and what is his position? I must say that he has got this position by dedicated hardwork and luck. There are many people who don't believe in luck but its reality that you need a bit of luck with you in every work. And along with luck you need not only hardwork but dedicated hardwork. There is a lot of difference between hard work and dedicated hard work. To reach a top position you need dedicated hard work. A farmer in the field and a laborour at a construction site or a mill worker working some mill are doing very much hard work but none of them reach to the top position. Because they are doin just the hard work and not the dedicated hard work. Well Sunil Bharti Mittal has talked a lot about the business. How he started his business then what were the obstacles in his ways and what were the turning points of his business career? And the whole interview is worth watching and it generates a sense of new energy in the mind of those who want to start some business of their own. In my view it helps a lot in understanding about the basic rules of the business. The persons sitting at the top of a business house have a lot of experience with them. And whatever they have achieved is by the practical knowledge. This can't be obtained by theoritical knowledge only. And the dedicated hard work is the main thing which we can do. In the starting I have talked about luck and dedicated hard work. But out of these two things we have dedicated hardwork with us. Luck plays a crucial role also. Because some time in spite of having dedicated hard work a man didn't get the desired result. And with the dedicated hard work I mean a proper planning, labour and the tactical knowledge to handle the tough situations which can come in the way. Business is the sector which is highly risky. No body knows that what is going to happen tomorrow. So do the ur job honestly and with dedication and let the luck do its work for you. That was the thing I have noticed in the interview of Sunil Bharti Mittal. And I think this is the case happened with him. He just had to borrow $1500 to start his business and now his company is worth $5 billion. And there are many more examples in front of us. And all of the persons who have reached the top position from the root level has the same thing in them. Dedicated hardwork and luck. And they have reached the stars.

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