Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 44

I was reading an article about an recruitments of few companies. It was an article on the net in which it was the less intake of people in big corporate houses. Due to the global countdown, the coporate houses are now taking this measure to maitain their balance sheets. They don't want to increase the load on their balance sheets as there is not much income as compared with the expenditure. And today, I read in the newspaper about the possible bankruptcy of General Motors. And this is going to effect the people who were working in these companies. But the main issue is how to create a new scenario in which this problem will be solved. If this global downfall continues to go on like this then it will be a dangerous thing. But there is a good thing amongst the people who were working in the corporate houses. Most of them are MBA graduates. They have the knowlede of hos to expand a business. And if they can do for someone else then why can't they do it for themselves? And they have got experience also under their belts. They have the theoritical as well as practical knowledge about the whole minute details of the business. But the main thing is the Capital. For any business, a person needs money. And there are few conventitional sources of getting money for the business. But all of them are hit badly by this current downfall. Share market, banks, financial intitutions and indiviuals are the main ways of creating finance for any business. But here I want to say that a small business can be opened with little amount of money. And after that, the hard work is going to repay for that. No one was knowing that a group of seven people who have decided to start a business in the software industry in 1993 in India will become a big company. Even none of those seven people have dreamnt that one day, their company will be giving job to so many people. But today, its a reality. And all has become possible due to the thinking of those seven people led by Mr Narayan Murty. Today all of us know that company as Infosys. And I don't think that I have to tell anything more about this company in further detail. All of us know that what is the status of Infosys. It was a time that only a fraction of India's population was know about computers and a fraction of that population was using computers. But still, the company has flourished. So, this can happen today also. Today also a person can start a business on his own. And the hard work done in the proper direction, or rather say in the constructive direction, is never wasted. I think this is the case with almost all the big corporate houses which we are seeing today. So, this global economic downfall can be made to go up when we start working. Its not going to happen like we will work after the marke goes up. But why to wait for someone else to work to make the market go up while we sit ideally doing nothing. We can make some profit while making the market go up. This can be done atleast. And I think that working something is better than doing nothing.

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