Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 47

It took 60 hours to evacuate Hotel Oberoi, Nariman House and Hotel Taj from the terrorists, coming from Pakistan. All of them were in their early twenties. This has proved that for all the terrorists attacks in India, who is providing weapons, ammunations and safe guard to these bloddy terrorists. But still we can't do anything for the safety of our country. The current ruling party at the centre is showing too much liberal face to the world and its the common man who is paying for all these mistakes. Now the important question is that why we are treating these terrorists with soft corner in our hearts? Why the master mind and the main accused of the Parliament attack, Afzal Guru is alive? Supreme court has given capital punishment then why the government is taking such a long time to execute that order? These terrorists has no religion at all. So the central government has to throw the relegious spects which it is having on its eyes. Sometimes I wounder that why the central government is taking so much time in that? Is it waiting for another plane full of civilians to be hijacked again? These terrorists are very well aware of the fact that they can do whatever they can just by hijacking civilians. And for the sake of safety of those innocent people, the government is always bending before them. But now, we have to wake up. Its time to show these bloddy terrorists that there game is over now. The security forces has to take tough decisions. According to the government, 370 people have died in the rescue operation in Hotel Oberoi, Nariman House and Hotel Taj. This is the price which we are paying now for the mistakes we did in the past and I don't know how long we will be paying the cost in the form of innocent people's lives. The government should give free hand to the security forces and the commandos of NSG. And there should be fast trial for all the arrested terrorists and there should be no less punishment other than capital punishment and that too with speedy execution. And on the diplomatic front also we need to have a strong government which can pressurise the Pakistan to stop sending the terrorists. Or Indian government should do like the America did on Afghanistan in the name of 'War against terrorism'. Until and unless few hard steps are not been taken, the terrorist activities in India will never come to an end.

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