Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 38

Today I am confused about what to write? There are many things to write about on the current affairs, happening around the globe. But there are two things about which the people around the globe are talking about. First one is the global financial downfall and the second one is about Barack Obama, President-elect of United States. USA is the source of both the things. The global slowdown has originated from the America itself. Nobody was knowing that the small problem in the American economy will take such a huge form. The bankrupcy of major financial firms of US has created such a turnmoil for the whole world that the world economy has fallen down. We can say that the world economy has become sick by the sneeze of American economy. The government of many countries are now bailing out their corporate sectors. After all, its the corporate sector only which is generating the majority of the revenue of any country with not much people engaged in that as compare to the traditional business like agriculture. And the second most talked about topic is about Barack Obama. He is the man who has changed the world history forever. No one had ever dreamt about a black man to be in the White House. Whatever he is doing or whatever he is saying is been closely watched by the media. Everyone in the media is crazy about him right now. But I would like to say that Barack Obama has shown a path that one can achieve the most unthikable thing also if you are detremined to go ahead on your path. He is also an example of what we have always seen in every successful personalities of the world. He has also had a troubled childhood and teeneage. But after graduating, he get himself engaged in social activities. At that time, he couldn't evre have dreamt that one day he will be residing in the most powerful house in the world.

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