Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 41

Sometimes I think that what would be the condition of this world when there was no emotions in humans? No love, no hate, no anger, no fear? Then I wonder that in that condition there would have been no difference between man and machine. Both would have been same in terms of emotions. If there would have no wars or battles fought. And then there would have been no need to make nuclear weapons and no need of maintaining huge armies. No boundaries between conturies. Then there would have been no wars on the basis of language also. But this is just the imaginations. Today's world is not like this. Every country is spending more and more to maintain their armies and there are so many disputes over everything. I have never seen such hatrate amongst animals. We use to say that we, humans, are the best creature. Sometimes I think that where are the good qualities of humans now? Why can't we have a world where there will be love only. No place for nuclear weapons and armies.

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