Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 45

I know that I am not writing daily as I have promised. And I am writing today after a gap of 3 long days. But I am back now. Actually I was busy in thinking about few things which I have come across. Few days back, I was chatting with one of friends. He is working in US. Actually he is been there for the last 4 years. And suddenly our chat drifted to brain drain. There are many Indians who have gone to abroad after their B. Tech or BE degree. Few have gone there after their MBA degree. Now they are not ready to come back. Their thought is that now our life is set. We don't want to go back to India. We can earn more money here also. But they are not thinking that it was in India they have completed their study. Whatever they are today, its just because of their upbringing in India. And suddenly they are having no attachement to the place where they are born. They might be earning more money. But money is not the thing which you will need all the time. You many have the money of the whole world but you are not having your dear ones with you then what is the use of that money? And the position you are at present is all due to your education which you have learned in India. The place where you are born is now nothing to you. Many of the Indians who have gone abroad especially to the western countries are now applying for the citizenship of that country. But those people are forgetting that the country which is using their talent and sucking out their constructive ideas can never be their homeland. That country will always be a foreign land to them. They, themselves, will be treated as foreigners in that country. The place which is not ready to accept you so easily can't think anything better for you. And when it will come for the sake of the native citizens of that country then the people who have shifted there will be thrown out of that country. And the maximum number will be that of Indians only. But the Indians are not realising this. Many are there still in India, who wants to go to western countries. But one day these people will be kicked out of that country, then they will not have anywhere to go other than India. But that day, it will be very shameful for them to be thrown like that. And who says that you can't have a good job in India itself. And it's not necessary that you have to ask for job. Instead of that a person having MBA degree or who has some ambition to do something big, can start new business of their own. They can create employement in India itself. This will lead to the progress of India. And then only India will be called a developed country instead of a developing country. Its really sad to see that even 60 years of independence India is still a developing country. And its all due to the fact that the bright minds are going to foreign countries and making those countries more developed and not bothering about making India a developed country. A place where they are born, they played, they learned and now left the place which need them to progress. Its like deserting your mother when she needs you the most.

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