Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 37

In the modern time when we are having every means of communication, we are drifting apart from each other. Today we have cell phones in our hands but don't want to call old friends. We have mails but don't said mail to each other. In this very age of growing fast, we are breaking ties with past. Why this is happening? Why are we going away from our own ones? We have made our life just like a train which runs on a single track and in a one way drive. Money has become the driver of our life. All the relations are changing now. Its sad to see that the person with whom you have a true friendship is forgetting you. Your mind says that leave that person who doesn't cares about you but in your heart you really care for that person. So why is it so that we are not in touch with old friends? I have found that the general excuse of not being in contact or in touch with the friends is that "was busy in work." Now I want to ask a question. Are you spending 24 hours in your office? Is your boss stopping you to call your friends? Or is it in any agreement that you don't have to be in touch with your friends after joining a company? Why are we making our lives so much shrikable?

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