Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 40

Sometimes I think that what is there which differentiate between a living body and a dead body? What are the parameters to define this? Because all the things are present in both the bodies. The same anatomical things are there. But then also we say that one is dead and one is alive. Is it on the basis of response of our calls or the rate at which one takes breath in and breath out? Today medical science has make such a tremendous development but still it can't answer this question. And what is the basis on which we can say that yes, the human being is the best creation of god? Its totally a another debatable thing that whether god exists or not? According to few people there is nothing called god and for few people god is there. My question is not that. My question is that what is life and how can we can that human being is the best creation on the entire earth? How can we say that the humans are the best creatures on the entire planet? Its we, the humans, who are making this earth pollutted. We humans are making waepons of destructions and are creating new technologies which can be used for the destruction of the whole world. We hae created boundaries of the coutries on papers, on lands and on the hearts of the people. We have divided the earth and still we are saying that we are the best creature on this earth. We have made rules and regulations to differentiate more and more amongst the people. There is nothing called boudaries and rules for animals and birds. They are more free than we humans. They can go anywhere they can and that too without any restrictions. But restrictions are only for humans. There is nothing like trespassing for animals but for humans a lot of rules and regulations are there. And now the human has become so much greedy that it is going inside the jungles also. Now the encrochment has began in the lands of animals and that's creating imbalance in the eco system. But the human is more concerned about the present than the future. Human is toatlly blinded by the money. So with so many drawbacks how can we say that we humans are the best creation on this earth? Today humans are taking life of another human. Is this called the development of human being? I don't think that this is the development. Sometimes, I think that the animals are more civilised and they have more love amongst each other.

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