Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 182

Today I’m totally confused about what to write. A lot of scandals are happening in our country. I don’t understand one thing that why the politicians and government officials involve themselves in such corrupt practises? What they gain? It’s the shame which they get at the end and the money is been taken away from them. So what’s the use of taking huge amounts of money as bribe? Can’t they do their work honestly? And to some extend the public and the bribe givers are also responsible for this. Even after 63 years of independence we are a developing country. But there is huge amount of money is with the politicians. Few days back, I read a part of the statement made by the head of the Swiss Bank that India is a poor country where rich people live. He was referring to the amount of money been kept in the accounts of politicians is enough to keep India going for 30 years without collecting income tax. The money can give employment to some 60 crore people. Every village will be connected with four lane roads. There was few more disclosure. I wonder that if such thing can happen in India. The optimist in me says yes but at the same moment a question comes from inside, ‘how?’ The politicians and government officials are keeping crores and crores of money in their secret bank accounts. If that money should be used in the development of the country then indeed India will become a developed nation in just one decade. We should think to stop the corrupt practises of the politicians and the government officials. For that we need strong will power and strong laws.
Yes that’s right. A strong will power is needed that we won’t give bribe to any politicians and government officials to get our work done. And why should we give bribe to them? Aren’t government officials earning enough money to take care of the needs of themselves and their families? Of course, they are getting handsome salaries from the government. Then why their hands should be greased? Same thing is with the politicians. If the politicians think that they have become the MLA or MP or have got any ministerial post then it’s their right to get bribed. Then the public has to teach them lesson. Public should not bribe them. The politicians become MLA or MP or minister for the development of the country and the state. They don’t hold the post to earn money. So if we really want India to become a developed country then as public we should stop giving bribe. 

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