Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 179

In the last couple of posts I have been writing about the ongoing assembly election in Bihar. Yesterday voting was held in 42 seats in phase 4. I cast my voted yesterday. I felt happy after that. I got the satisfaction that I did something good. Don’t know why but I feel the same happiness whenever I cast my vote. Whether it’s municipal corporation election, assembly election or Lok Sabha election. I can’t express that happiness in words. It’s a bit tough for me. But one thing has disturbed me a lot. It’s about the voting percent. The overall percentage of the voter’s turnout was the lowest. It was only 51%. This is really sad. In 1st phase it was 54%, in 2nd phase it was 53% and in 3rd phase it was 55%. So comparatively phase 4 was the lowest. I’m unable to understand the downfall in the voter’s turnout. Yesterday I watched various news channels and I did a bit research also. Obviously it was my personal research. I found one thing. Many voters found that their names were missing from the voter’s list. So that was the reason of the downfall. Many males found that their names were missing so the ladies of that house didn’t went to cast their vote. At few places the scene was reverse. This is the clear cut failure of the administration for this. Nobody knows when the administration will come out of its deficiencies. Sometimes I think that the government officials are not interested in those works where they can’t get a chance to make money. And making of voter’s list or any work related to the electoral process doesn’t have so much money in that. Whoever comes to the power should know that they have to control the beauraucrats so that there should be no lapse of any policies. Really this is very sad that voters faced so many problems during the voting process. And it’s not related only till election process. In day to day life also, there are many things where the public isn’t getting the advantage of the social welfare schemes. So we have to change not only the government but the beauraucrats also.

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