Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 180

The ongoing visit of the American president Barrack Obama, is been termed as a mega event in India. There are many expectations with this visit. It always happens that if a head of a foreign country has come in India then Indian government doesn’t leave any stone unturned in the hospitality. This is not just the follow of any protocol but it’s a display of Indian tradition for a guest. Well, I’m not going in any detail of this guest welcoming tradition. Yesterday, I was watching the news channel when Obama was at St Xavier’s College in Mumbai. He was there at the interaction with students. He answered five questions. One was related to Pakistan. He answered that question very diplomatically. He was politically correct. Not making any statement which leads to any controversy. Because these days controversies are made much earlier and easier than making of the tea. The question was about the Pakistan based terrorist organisations that are constantly attacking India. A student asked the American president that why isn’t America declaring Pakistan a terrorist country. Barrack Obama diverted the question by saying that we need a stable, prosperous and peaceful Pakistan. And with the new Pakistan the country going to gain most is India. So I deduced that he is taking a good stand on answering diplomatically on such questions. The general view of Indian public and Pakistani public towards each other isn’t friendly. So it’s obvious that people from both the countries will ask such questions. And I have deduced one more thing. Barrack Obama isn’t going to take the charge as a mediator between India and Pakistan. And its duty of Indian and Pakistani government to resolve their differences. For this we really need a stable government in Pakistan. And that too free from the interference of the Pakistani army. Then only we can have a peaceful dialogue which will lead us to stability.

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