Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 184

I’m tired now. Tired of waiting for the comments on the posts. I’m really bored now. I want comment as feedback about my writing. I can’t tell you people to write comment. But I really need it. Otherwise I can’t improve my writing. Since morning, I was having urge to write. But I wasn’t having any idea in my mind. So I thought that you people are there to give some comment. But I was proved wrong.  I’m really confused about what to tell you people. Just imagine a situation; you are talking to one of your friends over the phone. And only you are talking and your friend is silent. What will you feeling at that time? Irritated? That’s right. The same situation is with me right now. I’m writing again and again. And you people are silent. I’m also feeling irritated. Sometimes, I think that my blog has become one sided affair. I’m really angry with you people. The silence, which you people are having is the reason I was absent for so many days. I thought that you people are changed a bit. But I again got myself wrong. Come on you people. Write something in the comment box. It’s not necessary to use your name and email id to write comment on my posts. You can write as an anonymous person also. So now don’t sit ideal. Come on, start writing something. Until and unless you people will not write, I won’t be able to know that which direction I’m heading. 

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