Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 183

Sorry, I’m late today. Actually I was having no idea what to write. But thought to write. So I came with no topics and lots of blah blah blah. Hehehe. Just kidding. Actually these days, every newspaper is having news of one scandal or another. I think scandal has become a national event now. Right from the scandals of Organising Committee of Common Wealth Games, then the Adarsh Scam which cost Mr. Ashok Chawan the post of chief minister, then we have telecom scandal which followed by the resignation of A Raja. And the list is going on and on which now includes the bank loan scandals about which I wrote yesterday. If we accumulate the entire amount then it will go in some lakhs of crores of Indian rupees. Really this amount would have changed the financial system of India. And there are many more scandals. We can’t forget the stamp scandal by Abdul Karim Telgi. Then we have shares scandal by Harshad Mehta. Fodder scam by Lalu Yadav. Really the list is too long. Just imagine if all these amount of money would have been used in the development of the country then we would have really four lane roads, uninterrupted power supplies, new industries in backward regions, schools and colleges, pure and drinkable water in remote areas, good health hospitals in villages. In short, the real upliftment of India. And then we would be in a better position to fight against the inflation, terrorism and many other things. But unfortunately, the money went to the pocket of corrupt people. This entire thing has happened due to our silence. We, the public, were silent. We shrugged our shoulders and said that these politicians are corrupt. These government officials are corrupt. The scandals aren’t going to hamper us. And many more excuses we made to divert our attention. We are more concerned about the two square meal every day. We are giving damp care to the inflation. How long this is going to happen?
This question is for all of us. Each and everyone in India who is facing the devil of inflation everywhere. You go to a shop to buy your grocery there you have to pay more for the same things which you need in your meal. And blame shouldn’t be made on politicians only. The government officials are equally responsible. For example let’s take the grocery items only. It’s not possible to grow all the things in one state. Few things have to be imported from other states. At the border, excise tax has to be paid. The excise officers demand more money from the truck drivers. The extra payment is included in the good loaded in the truck. And finally when the good reaches the whole seller, then truck driver deliver the good after taking the original cost, transportation cost and the extra money given to the excise officer. The whole seller adds his own profit margin and then sells that to the retailer. Again retailer’s profit margin is added to the good. It’s finally we, the consumer, who has to pay for that good.
That’s why yesterday I told that we need a strong will power. Corruption will not go just by saying. We have to take action also. So stop giving bribe to government officers and politicians if you really want to see development in India. 

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