Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 304

I know it has been more than a month now since I wrote my last post in my blog. Well I came back to India on August 8. But I reached my home on August 9. I stayed at home for 12 days before coming to Varanasi. That period was really nice. Enjoyed everything. After spending two and half months in foreign country and then coming back to home gives another feeling. I didn’t accessed internet when I was at home. But after coming to Varanasi, I got the hectic life schedule. Attending tedious lectures. Got busy in explaining my experience at America again and again. I went to my home again for four days due to some official reasons. Then again I’m back in Varanasi. Now life has taken serious turn. In coming three months, many companies will be visiting the campus of my B School. So the tension of getting a decent placement is now hanging on my head. The competition has started. Companies have their basic strategy and aim to select the best students from the B School. Likewise the students are having sole aim to have a decent pay package. I can’t promise that I’ll write regularly. But I’ll try to be regular. Just like I did in America. Writing about the daily routine. At least that will be the best thing to do. Writing won’t get hampered and I won’t be having confusion about what to write?

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