Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 306

Sometimes, the word game of Thackeray family amuses me a lot. They are people who speak all the nonsense and tries to create disturbance. Till now, they have failed. Now the RJD chief, Lalu Yadav has given an answer to them. Thackeray family is saying that Bihari migrants are the behind the crimes in Mumbai. I’m unable to understand their cheap mentality. In Mumbai, people from every part of the country are living in harmony. They can’t claim that Mumbai is for Maharastrian only. Lalu Yadav has openly said that Thackeray family has gone to Mumbai from Bihar itself. So according to their own statement, they should leave Mumbai as soon as possible. Even the Congress leader, Digvijay Singh has said the same thing by quoting the book of Raj Thackeray’s grandfather. But the main thing here isn’t about the verbal game between these people. The main thing is that all the people are free to work from anywhere in India. Already the country has been divided on the basis of religion and caste. Now why Thackerys have adopted the cheap mentality of targeting people from Bihar and are dividing the country on the basis of language and region? Instead of keeping themselves engaged in these types of cheap things, they can think about the betterment of state and the country. 

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