Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 307

I’m confused about what to write today. You will think that what’s the unusual phenomenon in that? But today I’m confused about picking the topic. What should I write about the price rise of diesel and cut of the subsidy in the domestic LPG allotment? We all are aware that now the household will get only 6 LPG cylinders per year on the subsidised rate of Rs. 399. After that it will at Rs. 746 per cylinder. The government is saying that the increment in diesel and cutting of the subsidy will fetch Rs. 20,300 crores to the exchequer. But these will increase the burden on the middle class family of the country. The price of every essential commodity will go high due to the increase in the freight charges which will be due to increased diesel price hike. Now the cooking is also going to be effected. What the Congress led UPA is doing these days? Now it has allowed FDI in the retail sector to 51%. The only thing is that the MNCs will require a local partner in dealing with the customers.
I’m unable to understand one thing. Dr. Manmohan Singh is credited to boost the Indian economy two decades back when he was the Finance Minister. But now as a Prime Minister, he is unable to save the Indian economy. Now he is getting directions from Sonia Gandhi. Now after taking these decisions, he is counting Sonia Gandhi to counter the political pressures which he is going to face in the coming days. He has to face the opposition of not only the opposition parties but from the coalition parties also. After two years, the general election is there. So there must be some political move to counter the pressure of the inflation to lure the voters. The plus point with any political party in India is the memory loss of the voters. Indian public forgets the issues very soon. In the starting there will be protests and all. But later on, the public will forget every thing. 

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