Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 130

For the last few days, I wanted to write about something. Actually, I'm reffering to the TV commercial of TATA Tea. Kudos to the people who were behind the conceptualisation and production of that commercial. The new commercial points towards the corruption of government officials and the politicians. And it's true that we, the common people, who are giving bribes to the government officials to get our work done. So, we are the source of the corruption. And ironically, it's we, the common people, who cries that the government officials are corrupt. If we blame the officials then we are also eqaully respnosible. And now the situation is completely out of our hands. Every government officer thinks that it's his birth right to have bribe. Without bribe he can't work. They have created such a scenario that for every small work they need to get their hands greased. And it's not only money. It can be some gift or some other favour for their personal use. I consider them to be an educated beggars. Yes, beggars, who begs for the money everytime a person goes to him for some work. Now we have to change this system. We have to change the system of giving bribe to the government officers. If we pledge that we will not give any bribe then only this disease is going to be cured. I know that you people will think that I'm talkin something abstract. But it can be implemented. Why do we hesitate in refusing to give bribe to the government officials? Just because of the fear that our work will not be done. Corruption is like cancer which is affecting us also. We have to stop it. And why should we give bribe to those people who are drawing good and comfortable salaries from the government. There is no use of giving bribe. We really have to change this system. Instead of giving bribes to the well off people working in the government departments, we can give donations to some charitable tust or any social welfare organisations. We will be helping someone more poor or someone really needs our help. Giving donations to the charitable trust will attract some rebate to us while giving the income tax. So is it not better to help someone who really deserves your help than giving bribe to someone who is well capable of taking care of his family? So stop giving bribe. Let's change this system and really make our country a developed nation.

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