Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 128

In my last post, I wrote about the worry of the Union Finance Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, to curb the expenses of ministers. I think he is not only worried about the expenses of the ministers only but also with the expenses of all departments. This is a nice and appreciable effort been initiated by him. Kudos to him. Even Mrs Sonia Gandhi is travelling by the economy class in the airlines. But as I wrote in my last post, the need to give more emphasis to curb the misuse of the government resources and funds by the government employees. There are many public sector companies where is the misuse is been done because they are not ready to chang according the changing time. There are many companies which affect our daily life like BSNL, Indian Oil etc. These are the profit making units of the central government. But are they making profit in real? Well, let's take example of BSNL. Previously it was under the Department of Post and Telecommunication. But later on it was reformed and was named Bharat Sanchar Nigal Limited. But still today, BSNL is not ready to change itself according to the changing time. And this is due to the officers sitting at top managerial positions. They are on the verge of retirement but still they want to enjoy all the privileges to the full extent. When the BSNL was formed, all the telephone exchanges and telegraph offices were merged together. Now in this technological era, no one goes to the telegraph office to send messages to their near and dear ones, when they have mobiles in their hands. But still BSNL is paying the salaries to the staff who are there in the telegraph section. What is the need of giving salaries to the employees when their resource is not been utilised at all? The pays and pensions giving to the employees of the telegraph section are definitily costing crores of ruppes to the exchequer. But who cares? No one is bothered to utilise such a big work force in some action. The government wants to give them salary and pension but don't want to utilise their human resources. Mr Mukherjee should look into this aspect also. He should think about what to do when the money of the taxpayers is been misutlise like this. And there are many more to come in the coming days from my side. So, please keep reading and commenting on my blog.

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