Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 126

There is an issue which is disturbing me a lot. I'm talking about the decision taken by Mr Kapil Sibal about the grading system. Few days back, I have already written about it. Well, I'm not convinced with the decision. Mr Sibal gave the theory that grading system will take the tension from students. It will make them free from exam fever or exam phobia. I want to remind him that students are not scared of the exams. There is a phsiological fear of not doing well in the competition. The excess pressure given the parents to do well in exam, to obtain from the student living next door are the main reasons of the exam phobia. This grading system is going to hamper the education system. In the percentage system, topper is determined by the exact numbers. Let us take an example. Suppose a student gets 96.87% and another student gets 97% the obviously the student having 97% is the topper. But in the proposed grading system both the students will get A1 grade. Now can Mr Sibal tell that who amongst the 10 students who got A1 grade is the highest scorer? No, he can't. No body can. Because the numerical parameter is gone. It's hard to know the highest scorer. The whole grading system is the generalise form of the result. It's not accurate like the percentage system. In my view, this grading system is barring student of knowing the exact result of his or her effort put in. So, I strongly oppose the grading system and I favour the percentage system which is currently used.

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