Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 129

Today the nine day long puja of Goddess Durga begins. I would like to wish all my readers HAPPY NAVRATRI. Every year, Navratri energies me a lot. I'm talking about my personal feelings. In these nine days, we worship nine different forms of Goddess Durga. All the different forms of Goddess Durga is related to one form or another form of energy, wealth, prosperity and knowledge. We worship Goddess Durga to have her blessings for the things which we desire. But in the changing time, we have to think about the changing aspect of the society also. Still in modern age, there are few places in India where female child is been killed. It's ver sad to know those things. There are few states in our country where this inhuman practise is been done. Now its time to change those thoughts. It's necessary now because it's a woman, who gives birth to a new life from her. Without her there will be no life in this world. And we are killing the creator of the world when it's in the mother's womb only. This is really shameful for us. At one hand, we are worshipping a woman to give us strength and prosperity and on the other hand we are killing female infants. These things should be stopped. We can't expect government do all the things and we sit ideally. We also have some duties and responsibilities. We can't run away from them. It's very easy to point out the shortcomings of others but it's very tough to point the fingers towards our self. So we need to change ourselves and to change the society. Now its turn to get ready to fight the social evils. Even Goddess Durga fought the evils and saved the world and gave us a message that we should also fight the evils which are harmful and dangerous for our society. Then only we will be able to say proudly that we are following the path shown to us by Goddess Durga. May Goddess Durga bless the entire world with prosperity, love and peace.

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