Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 177

 gAfter a long time I’m writing on my blog. A lot of thing has happened during the time period since I wrote my last blog. Now again the election session has come in Bihar. Out of 243 seats 47 constituencies are going in their voting phase. Various parties are trying their luck in this election. Now the question is that who is going to take the rein of power? Will it be NDA again? Whether it’s going to be RJD dominant government? Or is it going to be Congress rule? The answer is now sealed in the Electronic Voting Machine. Here I’m not analysing that who will be the next Chief Minister of Bihar? Today I’m writing because I want to make appeal to my friends who are reading my blog that voting is not only your fundamental right but it’s your fundamental duty also. So whoever are out of Bihar then I appeal them to go to their constituency on their respective voting day and cast their vote. It’s up to you to cast your vote to that person whom you think is going to bring the change in your constituency. It’s easy to blame a government for wrong actions but it’s tough to make a nice government. So for a change do a tough job this time.

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