Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 123

Science and Religion. Two different worlds which are at logger heads with each other since the beginning of time. Both of them are searching the answers for some basic questions. But their paths are totally different. They always intersect each other’s paths and that too very often. But who gives the correct and universally accepted answers to the basic questions like Who created this universe? What was before it began to expand? When did it begin to expand? What was there before the expansion? What force is there that makes the Earth makes more favourable for humans to live here? There are endless questions like this. Many scientists are not religious. Science is their sole religion. Many religious leaders are not inclined towards science. Whatever is written in their religious books is the guiding force for their souls. They seek enlightenment through them. Approximately all the religion of the world believed that God has make the humans and the earth as the centre of the universe. Humans are the best creation of the God. But science has proved them wrong. Science has proved that the earth is nothing more than a tiny particle in the entire universe. And the earth revolves round the sun. this was just opposite to the believe of many religions. They believed that the sun revolves round the earth. In Europe, many scientists were killed or were convinced by the Catholic church to say this that they have worked against God. Still there are many questions that science hasn’t got any answer and religion proves it supremacy over science on those questions. Those questions are like When did the Big Ban happen? What was before the Big Ban? If two bodies attract each other towards them then why is this universe expanding? Still science is struggling with these questions. It seems that this war between science and religion will continue till this world is there. Can’t it happen that these two comes together? But this seems to be a far fetched idea. These two fields can’t come together. They were enemy of each other since the beginning of time and will continue to be the same till eternity.

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