Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 122

Still, no comments on my last blog. It’s really sad to see that no comments are coming. Actually it really helps me to write more enthuastically. But it seems that I have to write for just sake of writing. Right now, I don’t have any idea in my mind. But who knows that while writing I might pick one. Actually even I don’t know that which topic will come in my mind. Because very few topics comes in my mind and that too very rarely. To avoid the confusion, I ask you people to send me comments. Confusion about the topics. Your comments are important feedback for me. And it’s a means of communication between you and me. Frankly speaking, I’m feed up of the monologue. I want to have conversation with people. You and I are not face to face. I even don’t know that how many people are reading my blocks. So your comments will help me to decide that how good or how bad am I as a writer.
See the question is not that how regular or how much can I write. But the question is here that I must know that whether I’m writing qualitatively or not? That’s the important factor. Because I’m here for quality writing not for quantity writing. So to improve my writing standard or writing style I need your support and feedbacks. If you have negative feedbacks also then also let me know the drawbacks of my writings. Now I am waiting for your comments.

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