Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 120

Today morning, I read a news article. Actually it was an interview of an Indian student who is studying in Australia. Again he was beaten up for money. What is this? The Australian Prime Minister has assured the Indian Government that there will be no more attacks on Indian students. But still the attacks are going on. The recent attack was on Sunny. He was brutally beaten up and his finger was smashed at the door of his car and he was constantly punched at his face and stomach. Now this is something which is really unthinkable in a civilised society. In my view, its better that students from India don’t go to Australia. There is no need to get a foreign degree after putting your life in danger. It’s not only the students, who are in danger, but it’s their parents also living in fear. So what is the use of going to any foreign country where you are living constantly in fear? And instead of protecting the Indian students, the Australian police are protecting the Australian people. The use of power to suppress the protest march on Indian students has proved this. Its quiet clear that the Australian police are not helping and protecting the Indian students. So, I would like to request to all those Indian students in Australia to come back to India. It’s really sad to see the news of brutal beatings of Indian students in Australia. I think it’s really foolishness to go there to study. And what’s the use of getting the foreign degree when you can study the same subject in India also? Is there someone who can tell me this?

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Anonymous said...

the problem is the slavish nature of Indians towards the western world.there are people who are willing to go abroad just to get a tag of foreign returned or an nri even if it means being kicked and punched.

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